I’m not new to blogging, however, the idea of recording our homeschool journey by way of a blog is a recent idea.  We’re in our first year of “real” school, as I like to call it.  Jaelah and Selah are both in first grade, or thereabouts.  I love teaching, and I love watching my children grow as blooms in this little garden of wholesome education.  We hold to the philosophy of using real literature to inspire our children to learn.  Give them a love of books and learning, and it won’t matter that I don’t know everything because they will know how to get answers to any question they might have.  I do not use traditional testing or textbooks, and our workbook is generally relegated to mathematics.  Chavah is my preschooler.  Learning letters and reading aloud rounds out her school day nicely.  I have lots of goals – probably too many for one human being, but I look forward to putting my thoughts about every part of the journey in one place so that we can go back and see progress over the years.