It’s no secret that we LOVE Math-U-See around here. I’ve used it for about 5 years now, and despite the vast difference in the types of learners I have, Math-U-See’s “Build It, Write It, Say It” approach works with everyone!

My search for Math-U-See addition flash cards has proven time and again to be unfruitful. Mastery of the addition fact families is an important foundation for successful advancement in the program. I have found that drilling the Alpha book lessons cannot be done often enough considering the vast amounts of time it saves now that the oldest girls are entering Epsilon. Drilling these facts from the early years has given them amazing automatic recall. That being said, we are not always at a table where we can drag out the manipulatives to build problems, and I am not always able to do the online drills that MUS offers (for FREE here) if we are out and about and find a good opportunity to run through problematic fact families. I need something in full color that shows the blocks arranged for each fact, in the unique layout MUS has to compliment the time we spend building the facts each day with the blocks.

Since I couldn’t find any Math-U-See flash cards anywhere, I decided to spend some time creating my own. I’m sharing them here with anyone and everyone who loves Math-U-See as much as I do but would like something tangible other than the blocks to keep working with their youngsters until mastery has been achieved. They aren’t gorgeous, but will do the trick of assisting with continual review and memorization. I’ll be using them with my twins as we start Primer this upcoming school year. I printed mine on scrapbook paper and laminated them so my littles can carry them around, but any 3.5 x 5 paper or cardstock would also work.

+1 Facts

+2 Facts

+9 Facts

+8 Facts

Doubles Facts

Doubles +1 Facts

Making 10 Facts

Making 9 Facts

Extras Facts