Pete and I recently found out that we are expecting an addition to the family next spring.  We are thrilled about this new little person, and of course the children are excited about having a new baby to tote around.  Finding out about a pregnancy is always a little difficult for me when I consider the vast responsibilities I have in homeschooling my children.  I believe giving them an excellent education is one of the most important endeavors I will ever pursue in my life.  Knowing just how significant it is, I often have to run to the Father and place my anxieties at His feet, for I am reminded of my frailty and dependence upon Him when I am exhausted and can barely hold down food.  I have to constantly remind myself to take things one day at a time, when it is tempting to fret over what lessons might fall behind.  While I try to consider my physical state as I plan for each week, I have to pray for strength every day when the only thing I really feel like doing is curling up on the couch and sleeping all day.  Praise God that I usually only experience morning sickness for the first trimester.  I am eagerly counting down the days to that time when I get a second wind even as I get bigger around.

The wonderful thing about homeschooling is that these seasons of life do not have to be derailing.  In fact, they can be considered delightful detours, or quick side trips to view a scenic vista.  Life seasons are expected to be a part of everyone’s experience.  While I might not like that we have to go through our lessons at a slightly slower pace, I need to remember that we have the perfect unit study growing right in my belly!  The girls are very fascinated with all things related to anatomy right now.  Mommy, how did the baby get in there?  Mommy, how does the baby eat?  Mommy, does the baby have to go to the bathroom?  Mommy, why does smelling dinner make you throw up?  All these wonderful questions are giving me a chance to teach them some new things.  No, they were not on the schedule for the year, but they are important and they are “living” lessons.  We thoroughly enjoy living our learning.   There are going to be a lot of changes in our lives in the next year, particularly if I am carrying my second set of twins, which I have discovered is highly possible.  While there is a fair amount of uncertainty, first of how many babies I am carrying (I will not find out until about 12 weeks), then of what vehicle will be able to fit our whole family (goodbye, 8-passenger Toyota Sienna if I’m having twins), then what house we will have to find as our snug little bungalow is bursting at the seams, I remain confident in the ebb and flow of the school day.  Keeping our daily lessons in front of me is the perfect way to surrender the future to God.  I cannot borrow trouble or anxiety from tomorrow – I have enough morning sickness to conquer today alongside four-digit column addition and mountains of laundry.  The simple steadfastness we find in doing our work with excellence, and being faithful from day to day is what is helping me survive this difficult time.  Thankfully, the children still enjoy learning, I still enjoy teaching, and though I am tired, I find myself deeply fulfilled at the end of the day.  As long as I can remember that I cannot do everything right now, we will be able to complete second grade and kindergarten with a flourish.

Blessed are You, Yahweh our God, King of the Universe, Who brings forth life from the womb.