Some moments are so wonderful as a homeschooling mother.  I woke up on this Mother’s Day to receive a paper from my 7 year old.  She wrote this after waking up from a dream last night, and Pete and I thought it was entertaining and dramatic, if from a 3rd grader’s perspective.  I left all the spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors exactly as they were written.  I must say that I am very proud that she has been retaining all the work we’ve been doing on using quotations and commas properly in sentences.  And many American adults, including myself, misspell ‘traveled’ on a regular basis, so kudos to my baby for paying attention during her All About Spelling lessons.

My Dream of Lincoln
Last night, I had a dream that was scary and frightening.
I’m going to tell you what it was like to be in it because I was in it.
It was our first day of school when suddenly a mail man came rushing in the door!  He said, “There is going to be a battle at this house so leave!”  And he ran out the door to go tell other people of London.  Soon the battle began, but a man would always be dead when I ran past them.  Bam!  I was shot in the leg badly.  I took another girl into the tunnel under the bed.  As soon as it ended we creaped out the door and traveled for miles and miles until we came to a tower.  We climbed to the first window and found seven men dressed in cloaks that were black.  Then they took the cloaks off and one of them was Abraham Lincoln!  I was so thrilled to see him again!  He told us were we could have a place to sleep.  And when we were there we saw black-skinned people that were happy and free!  So we greeted them and found some food for us to eat beans and cabbage, sugar cakes, and melons.  Then we heard bad, bad, bad news!  It said:  Whoever we find we will kill and Hang Man they shall be called!  We were so frightened to hear it!  “What can we do?”  I asked Abraham Lincoln.  “Well how about we put cloth cloaks on the windows of every house and lock them on the window frames and do some nails to go and keep them on,” he said happily.  And so we did it and it worked and I was healed.  The End.

Well done, baby girl.  I’m so happy that you like to write and express what’s in your heart.  I hope you always treasure in your heart God’s desire to abolish slavery both then and now.