Words fails to express how excited the girls are for this year’s major science project. Swinging from the ceiling fans would be an understatement. Having used Apologia for all of our science thus far (this is our third year with them) we have never done a project of this magnitude and duration. We are going to be creating an ocean box (diorama) that features clay creatures from each unit we study for the next 26 weeks. Not only will this help us remember details we’ve studied, but it gives the girls a very much-needed creative outlet. They will know that even if we don’t get around to doing lots of art projects in a given week, they will still get to make a marine creature and stick it in their ocean boxes.

Just last week, we spent the evening covering some old diaper boxes with blue paper to create a background of ocean personality. Yes, Pete and I did the lion’s share of the cutting and taping, but that didn’t hamper the eager jubilation one bit. Throughout the year, I’m going to post pictures here of our progress with the boxes and what we learn along the way. What a fantastic way to enhance our studies! The little girl in me can’t wait to get out the clay and start molding! Maybe some glitter paint and googly eyes too…

Here the girls are with their finished boxes. Ah, the freshness of a blank canvas and oh, the possibilities! 1/18/14


We added toothed whales and baleen whales to our ocean box today. Jaelah fashioned a dolphin and a blue whale, while Selah chose to create an orca and a blue whale. I suspended the whales with blue pipe cleaners to make it appear that they were swimming. Of course, they are not to scale at all. 1/26/14












For Lesson 3 in Apologia’s Swimming Creatures, we made Pinnipeds. Selah’s creature is a true seal while Jaelah made a sea lion. In this short video clip the girls explain a little about these awesome creatures. 1/6/14