We’re three weeks in to the Story of the World book three for our history studies and are finally entering Colonial America times, which is exciting for all of us. One of the activities suggested in the Activity book for SOTW (which I highly recommend this addition for the hands-on learners in your homeschool) is making a Mayflower Compact for your family or school as a way to expand your understanding of how important it was for the large group of people sailing over on the Mayflower to covenant together and try to establish a form of equal representation and rights. Little could they know upon landing in the New World how horrible that winter would be or just how much they would come to depend upon the generosity of the Wampanoag Native American tribe for survival. I think it is incredible that William Bradford had the foresight to lead saints and strangers alike into a fellowship that would help them endure.

Obviously, we have long before this little school activity come to acknowledge the importance of covenant relationship within our family and indeed have been living it out. However, I really like hands-on object lessons for the kids that have a deeper meaning than just words on a page. Writing our own Mayflower Compact and adding in some of the original language made it really special. Even though we still manage our home with Pete as the head and ultimate biblical authority, the needs and desires of each and every member of the family are considered both in daily undertakings and weighty decisions. Not quite a representative government, but one wherein the children can feel secure as they grow. Everyone in the family signed our compact, even the baby, and we all affirmed our commitment to each other and enjoyed discussing just how blessed we are to live in this country. Truly, how blessed we are to have each other, come bad winters and unknown seasons and joys and tears.