My precious girl, you are finally here at this day you’ve looked forward to for such a long time! I myself can hardly believe how swiftly these years with you have flown by. The way you entered the world is the way you live your life. You came to us on a windy, golden November morning with no warning, appearing within 2 hours of the first hint of your arrival and full to the brim with passion, strength, and determination.

You have never been one to let a difference of a mere 16 months between you and your older sister hold you back. I remember that even at age 2, you couldn’t bear the thought of not getting to start school with Jaelah and thus you have been right in the middle of the activity ever since. I have enjoyed se2016-11-15 17.28.27-1.jpgeing you rise to every occasion that life has brought your direction. You have a love of words and writing that is inspiring, a wisdom beyond your years, and a mind that loves to question and investigate. I am often touched by the depth you glean out of things we discuss, and I love that you have such a love for the precision of truth. I believe God is going to develop you in a great way in the years to come so that you are well-prepared to be a vessel of His glory on this earth wherever you go and whatever you do.

My prayer for you as  you enter into this very special season of your life is that you would never shy away from learning and growing – even when that process is facilitated by mistakes and those pieces of life that are often hard understand. You can trust that your heavenly Abba holds you fast in His hand. There are so many brand new experiences that await you as the world opens up to you in ways it has never revealed before. Your dad and I commit to protecting your heart and yet also allowing your creativity to take its place in the root system of who you are as you embrace this next part of growing up. I pray for contentment and rest in the deepest part of you. As second-born, most experiences will have already been had in our household by the time you get to them. I know this has been tough for you as you have such a desire to keep up and not miss a thing. Yet, always remember that they are your firsts and each one is unique because of who you are and the perspective you have that is different and a blessing in its own way. God has placed you exactly where you need to be. Trust Him!

May Yeshua continue to lead you into a deeper understanding of what it means to find your all in Him and Him alone. Truly, those who love this life will lose it, yet those who set aside what this life offers in exchange for life in the true Vine will never be disappointed. I believe that it is never too early to water this seed that we have endeavored to plant deep in your heart. Daddy and I have been given the precious and awesome responsibility of guarding your eternal soul while you journey on this earth. While we are far from perfect, I hope that you will trust us to guide you on this next part of your pilgrimage.

May your relationship with the Lord come first – before your education, your abilities, and even your future. What He can mold your life into is more beautiful than you can imagine if you entrust everything to Him and seek Him first. I love you so much!